Modern Cabinetry manufactured by Marquis

Milano by Marquis is our Designer Cabinet line for Multi-Unit & Hospitality.

We combine the Function of space enhancing European Cabinetry with the multiple material flexibility to follow the Modern Form. Select from the best Materials Produced in North America and European manufactures to create a personality for your space!

You have the flexibility to choose from many trend setting materials such as advancements in Embossed Melamine, Thermofoil, Exotic and Reconstituted Wood Veneers, Glass, Acrylics and Metal Finishes and fabrications.

Discover your Style with Milano by Marquis!

Marquis' Trend...

High Gloss Acrilyc Collection
Impressions Thermofoil Collection
Thermo Textured Surface CollectionThermo Textured Surface Collection
3DL Thermofoil Profile Thermo Textured Surface Collection
2 Part
Thermo Textured Surface Collection
3D Aluminum
Thermo Textured Surface Collection
Thermo Textured Surface Collection
Steel Gloss
Thermo Textured Surface Collection

Spec it...

Milano by Marquis is a custom Architectural Casework that will accommodate almost all architectural specification using the latest material & hardware in the industry. Click here for a sample of our project submittal.

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